Further Projects

  • Motion (Spring 2011)

    This project is based on the central theme of "how to transfer motion to the garment design".

    My ultimate goal beyond generating a wearable, feminine and unique collection, was to […]

  • Baroque (2009)

    In this collection pictures of 3D stone sculptures are digitally printed onto material. Worn on the human body the printed 2D picture results in a 3D representation of the object […]

  • Tartan (2008)

    This collection is inspired by Scottish Tartan. The dismantled structure of this pattern combined with symbols of a coat of arms from each clan results in a brand new vision […]

  • Dominicana (2007)

    This project was meant for fully fledged industrial production. In total there are 8 pieces, which are not difficult to sew and can be combined with each other. The leggings […]

  • Disco (2007)

    This collection is inspired by the movement of dancing bodies; people touching intimately to the rhythm of shimmering lights of dance venues. Thus shades of colours in shiffon are combined […]

  • Folklore (2007)

    This collection is inspired by my own cultural background of Exast European folklore. Traditional hand-made embroidery, which is digitally printed and hand-sewn jewels as well as white soft chamois results […]

  • Tetra Pack (2006)

    This collection of hand bags and a rain coat are made from original recycling packaging material. The collection was then presented as part of a wider exhibition of works of […]

  • Safari (2006)

    There is a little animal story hidden in each denim pocket, hood and lapel. The resulting photographs are laser printed directly into the fabric.